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6234 Grand Blvd Ste 212 • New Port Richey, FL 34652

Our Story

We both love and appreciate all things beautiful and whimsical; people, places, and things that enchant us and take us to a place where life is playful and endless possibilities abound. Elegant architecture in a charming downtown neighborhood always pulled us close and we found ourselves visiting many quaint cities and towns over the years. Small intimate boutiques seemed to call out to us, and we sought them out as often as we could.

The dream of establishing a boutique of our own began simply as something that we would love to do, someday… As the years and decades passed, our love and desire to create a space reminiscent of our daydreams grew stronger. In September 2021 Pink Brick Boutique was established. At that time, we were focused on our skincare line and operating Pink Brick Boutique as an online shop. We were both working full-time but determined to nurture our dreams.

In December 2021, a small For Rent sign on a historical building in downtown New Port Richey caught my eye. I climbed the grand staircase and found the door to the space unlocked. When I stepped inside, I experienced chills and goosebumps over my entire body and tears came to my eyes. I knew I had found our fairytale space in an elegant building in a charming downtown area.